6th Street Viaduct has been closed by LAPD for the second night in a row

A victim of its own gravity, the 6th Street Bridge was closed down by the Los Angeles Police for a second night in a row.

Two weeks after opening, the iconic bridge was closed on Saturday after daredevils climbed its arches and traffic dipped for miles.

became the bridge Hotspot for takeovers on the streets and cruisers. Police told KNBC that officers closed the bridge on Saturday after discovering social media posts about a plan to seize it.

“It’s easier to shut them down before they happen,” LAPD Captain Elaine Morales told the news station. “Street racing is killing. We have seen many victims, young and old, and we don’t want that to happen here on the bridge.”

The closure came on the heels of a Friday night crash on the bridge that prompted Los Angeles police to close more than half a mile away.

The bridge, which cost more than half a billion dollars, connects the historic east side to the arts district. When it opened, officials immediately hailed it as the city’s next icon.

Days later, runners, skiers and cruisers were claiming it was their own space, causing long traffic jams, setting off fireworks and creating chaos. Pictures on social media showed cars exploding, people climbing arches at terrifying heights, and even one person cutting their hair as cars passed.

“I’m upset that you can’t enjoy something nice, especially on a hot day, a hot night,” neighborhood resident Tony Cervantes told KCAL Saturday night. “You’re walking around the street and shutting this down.”

Los Angeles police have stepped up patrols along the bridge, with passengers often hanging their phones from the window to capture stunning views of the city.

Slip marks are already staining the bridge’s path. While some locals ignore it, others worry that media attention may tarnish the public image of Boyle Heights.

Eric Avila, an urban historian at the University of California, Los Angeles, said there has to be a way to prevent dangerous activity while also allowing activities such as low-driving. He said the Lowrider’s cruising is part of the East Side’s identity with a history closely linked to Whittier Boulevard, to which the bridge spans.

“What’s wrong with…slow sailing over the bridge to display cars the way people do in Elysian Park on Sundays?” He said.

Los Angeles Police Department officials chirp That there would be “maximum enforcement” over the weekend and that vehicles parked on the bridge would be cited or towed. They said anyone present at the bridge takeover would be cited.

Meanwhile, city and transit officials are looking into installing cameras, a higher fence and a traffic medium on the bridge to reduce future problems.

Times staff writer Cindy Carcamo contributed to this report.

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