Moon Girl’s new comic series, Jason Aaron’s next Avengers saga, and more announced on Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel

famous marvel The other important thing plate this year San Diego comic con It just wrapped, and as always, it was packed with exciting announcements and first looks about the future of the Marvel universe!

Editor in Chief CB Cibulskyexecutive editor Nick Loweeditors Darren Chan And the Lauren Besumand an impressive assortment of creators including Christopher Cantwell (Iron Man), Jonathan Hickman (X-Men), Ram V (cmAnd the massacre), And the Colin Kelly & Jackson Lansing (Captain America: Captain of Freedom) together to reveal some of the hottest Marvel titles coming your way in the next few months. Here are some of the biggest commission announcements!

The Avengers Collect Alpha #1

Insight Marvel Comics Jason Aaron He will unite his work AvengersAnd the Avengers foreverAnd the The Avengers of 1,000,000 BC In one incredible saga in Earth protectors! Aaron will start the saga with the super artist Brian Hitch IN THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE COLLECTION FOR NOVEMBER: ALPHA ONE SHOOT BEFORE CLOSING BETWEEN AVENGERS AND AVENGERS EDITIONS FOREVER!

Through the times and far corners of the multiverse, the mighty heroes of all the land gather like never before to do battle beyond imagination. A war that will take us from the prehistoric beginnings of a land under attack by the greatest villains that ever lived to the watchtower that stands in the dark heart of all and always, where an army of unprecedented evil now rises. the biggest Avengers The saga in Marvel history begins now.

Here’s what Aaron had to say about tying together his many contributions to Avengers Legends: “Four years of Avengers stories. Threads from every major series I’ve worked on for the past decade and a half at Marvel, from Ghost rider to me ox. All this leads to this. The biggest Avengers story I could ever imagine. Featuring a group of characters from different parts of creation. And I’m so happy and honored that it all started with an oversized ALPHA drawn by legendary Brian Hitch, who I’m working with here for the first time.”

“Protectors of the Earth. Say the words like a prayer. It is the only thing that can save you.”

The Avengers Collect Alpha #1

Written by Jason Aaron
Cover art by Brian Hitch
For sale 11/30

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