Trump would be ‘corrupt and under the law’ if he wins again: George Conway

  • Allies have a plan to fill more federal jobs with loyalists if Trump is reelected, Axios mentioned.
  • George Conway told CNN that the plan would replace thousands of civil servants with “super superior” personnel.
  • “It would be more corrupt and lawless than we’ve seen in the past four years,” he said.

George Conway said that if former President Donald Trump is re-elected in 2024, his administration will be even more corrupt than the previous one.

“He’s been great at shredding guard rails for four years, and now he wants to destroy all the guardrails even if it means the cost of civil service. Even if it means the core costs of the US government operating,” Conway said. CNN.

Conway was responding to reports of Trump’s plans to fill various government positions with loyalists.

Axios She reported that Trump’s allies were already planning how to remake the federal government if he was re-elected in 2024. People familiar with the plan told Axios that the plan included “purges” of thousands of civil servants and put loyalists in top positions.

Conway, who has been vocal about his opposition to Trump and his policies, said the new plan appears to exclude even people who choose state over party.

“They plan to create lists of people who are more loyal to … Trump than the Constitution and choose people from that list and not only that, but increase the number of jobs they can hire those people as well,” he said. .

According to Axios, the plan includes reinstating the “Schedule F” executive order, which was rescinded after President Joe Biden took office, and which would create a new class of federal workers with some influence on policy.

“They want to fire thousands of civil servants so they can put the superpowers on MAGA,” Conway said. “It would be more corrupt and lawless than we’ve seen in the past four years.”

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