He spoiled Chris Bassett’s star outing in the Mets vs Padres by one court

This time the error came in the sixth, not the fourth. This time, it was a chipping ball, not a fastball. This time, the ball was pulled and not hit to the opposite field.

But, in fact, it was the same. One mistake ruined a very powerful outing. One weak player on the field was the Mets on the throw-in. Friday night, it was Max Scherzer. On Saturday, it was Chris Bassett.

It was Homer Mane Machado’s sixth inning in the sixth – after one throw that should have been hit – that it was the difference as Padres sent the ball off weightless. The Mets in their third straight defeat, 2-1, at Citi Field.

“My job here is role-eating – I eat roles. I would be very upset if I lost in the playoffs [like this]Bassett said. “Now, just keep grinding. I know these games are frustrating from all points of view, but overall it’s okay.”

It was hard to blame Bassett. The Met’s first year was great. He retired the first 12 Padres he encountered. He made a season high of 11. He gave up only four strokes, didn’t walk with a pitch (although he did hit one with a pitch) and completed seven rounds in 89 pitches to reduce his ERA to 3.72. In the seventh, two runners were stranded after Francisco Lindor’s foul, keeping the Mets in the match.

Chris Bassett watches after Mane Machado hits a home run against him on Saturday.
Robert Sabo

This outing was his latest solid performance, after six innings of one-ball runs in the Braves win. In his last six starts, Bassett gave up no more than three winning runs while projecting 2.43 ERAs over 40²/ of innings.

But unfortunately for Bassett and the Mets, the sixth inning is where they lost the match. With two rejects and a runner at first base, Bassett appeared to hit Machado with a high slide. However, the ball was called by home board referee Jim Wolf. And on the next pitch, Bassett hung a slide, and Machado put it over the left field fence.

“That’s part of the game,” Bassett said. “It’s okay he missed it. I just have to make the pitch a lot better afterwards. That was awesome.”

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