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We must be Christian nationalists

Speaking at a Young Conservative event on Saturday, MP Marjorie Taylor Greena Republican from Georgia, argued that Republicans They should embrace being “Christian nationalists”.

The congresswoman appeared in USA turning point Student Action Summit this weekend in Tampa, Florida. Among the many things she discussed while on stage, she discussed the label “Christian nationalism” with which critics have often called it. She argued that being a Christian nationalist was a positive, and urged the conservative youth in attendance to prominently blend Christianity with politics.

“That’s not a bad word,” Green said. “That’s actually a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with driving by your faith…if we don’t live our lives and vote like we’re nationalists—we care about our country, we put our country first and we want it to be the centerpiece of our federal government—if we don’t go that way, we can’t fix it.”

Green repeated that sentiment over the weekend during a video interview for an online conservative program, a clip of which was shared Twitter by prominent left-wing critics and former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski.

“We need to be the party of nationalism,” the Georgian MP said during the interview. “I am a Christian, and I say so proudly – we should be Christian nationalists.”

Contrary to its interpretation, critics of Christian nationalism denounce the ideology as radical and opposed to interfaith inclusion, often pairing it with fringe movements such as the “alt-right” and white supremacy. In an interview published Friday, Reverend Paul Rauchenbusch, a Baptist pastor and incoming president of the Alliance of Religions, called the ideology a “threat to the American way of life.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., argued Saturday that Republicans should be “Christian nationalists.” Above, Green appears during a recent trial in Atlanta.
John Pazmore Paul / Getty Images

“I firmly believe that you will find religious diversity in every community,” Rauschenbusch said. “It is important to realize that this is primarily a strength for America, not a threat. This circle should include everyone. White Christians do not have the right to say, ‘This is our country and the rest are lucky to be invited.'”

NEWSWEEK I contacted Green’s office for comment.

Speaking in Tampa on Saturday, Green also touched on The recent outbreak of monkeypox In a way that aims to mock left-wing activists on social media.

“We have a new global pandemic, have you heard about this? Monkey pox, it’s true,” she said. “It’s the latest thing. Listen, you have to update your social media, next to the Ukraine flag emoji and the vaccine vaccine emoji, you have to make sure you have the monkey emoji.”

Although Greene described monkeypox as a pandemic, the virus has not yet been officially classified. The World Health Organization announced on Saturday (Who is the) go to classify the virus as “public health emergency of international concern,“The highest alert the organization can issue, other than declaring a pandemic.

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