Kirby and the forgotten land on the origins of mouth placement

Shinya Kumazaki, director of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, spoke about the origins of the oral position in a recent issue of the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream.

Mouth mode allows Kirby to transform into different creatures for different types of play experiences. After sniffing a car for example, the character can drive and smash walls.

Although Mouthful Mode is an entirely new mechanic, it’s actually something the team has been kicking around with for some time. Komazaki shared a rough sketch (pictured above) and stated that he “think of Kirby inhaling fuzzy triangles and squares and then transforming.” However, he started thinking different ideas like why the character wouldn’t swallow, and after noticing things around him, this eventually led to Kirby inhaling things like cars.

Here’s the full exchange between the Nintendo Dream and Kumazaki:

In mouth position, Kirby’s body stretches to an insane degree… is he alright?

In making the game, we revisited the mystery and shape-shifting of Kirby’s nature. The idea of ​​mouth placement has been around for a while. As soon as we knew that this game would be something new in the series, we started with the conversation “What is Kirby?”. We wanted to allow Kirby to do things that existing human characters can’t. This idea combined with the challenge of making something new became the concept of mouth placement. We aimed to make it so that Kirby could stretch his body so softly and easily that people would wonder what his body on earth is, and that’s how the new game established itself. In my first rough sketch. I thought about making Kirby sniff out fuzzy triangles and squares and then shift, but then I thought “Why doesn’t he swallow?” and “What are the shapes of these things?”. When I thought of these thoughts together, I began to think of things close to me like cars, garden ornaments, pipes, and how he wouldn’t swallow them but instead fill his cheeks whole and then take that shape.

Its scenery is absolutely stunning, but whatever form it takes it is still very cute.

As you can see in the end result, there is a certain magic to seeing Kirby’s simple form walk as a circle, triangle or square, and the actions he can perform are different as well. This is a whole new world with elements from the real world, but Kirby doesn’t care at all, he’s as cool as ever!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is currently available on Switch. Read our review of the game over here.

Subtitles provided by Simon Griffin and Centurionnugget on behalf of Nintendo Everything.

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