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trailer for AMC‘s Interview with a vampire The series, in keeping with the spirit of its source material, is a bloody moody affair.

Cable Network unveiled the trailer on Saturday during the show Comic Con The team, along with premiere date: 10 p.m. October 2, after the first appearance of the walking DeadThe last batch of episodes. The first two episodes of Interview with a vampire It will be available on AMC+ that night.

Stars of the series Sam Reed (News Reader) like the vampire Lestat and Jacob Anderson (Game of thrones) as Louis de Pointe du Lac, who nowadays tells his story of his conversion by Lestat. The series also stars Billy Bass, Eric Boghossian, and Asaad Zaman.

While the trailer looks to trace Rice’s story in some respects, there are some changes – most notably in Lewis, who was not enslaved in the late 18th century but instead a black man living in early 20th century New Orleans. Bogosian’s Daniel Moloy is also portrayed as being older than the book, though the character description of Daniel says he’s been “given a second chance at the meeting of a lifetime.”

Watch the trailer below.

rice Vampire Chronicles Books have come a long way to AMC. Rice announced in November 2016 that she had done so He regained his theatrical rights on novels and was working on developing a television series based on books. Paramount Television Studios and Anonymous Content selected the franchises in early 2017, with Rice’s son Christopher – who is also the best-selling author – attached to adapt the novels. Bryan Fuller joined the project as a showrunner in early 2018 but stepped aside soon after.

In July 2018, Vampire Chronicles series Went to Hulu, which is superior to many other outlets. D Johnson (Nashville) joined the show in February 2019. The rights to Paramount and Anonymous expired in late 2019, which led to the end of the project in Hulu and the release of Rice to shop the rights again. They landed in AMC Networks, with Life of a Wizard in Mayfair Books are also part of the package.

Rollin Jones (Perry MasonAdapted from the novel and serves as an exhibition for the series. Executive Produce with Mark Johnson (The best of Saul on demand), Alan Taylor (who directed the first two episodes), and Christopher Rice. Anne Rice, from He passed away in December 2021He is also credited as an executive producer.

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