4 signs you need to eat more protein, from weak hair to hunger

  • Protein is necessary to keep the body functioning optimally.
  • If you are not consuming enough, you may lose muscle, and struggle to recover from workouts.
  • Dietitian Nicola Ludlam-Rain told Insider that weak hair, nails, and skin can also be a sign.

Protein is an essential nutrient that is essential for maintaining health, and which every cell in our body needs working properly.

In the Western world, it is rare for people not to meet the “relatively low” daily intake recommended in the United States 50 gramsBut individual requirements for optimal performance vary with activity levels, dietary pattern, age and fitness goals, dietitian Nicola Ludlam-Rain told Insider.

If you are active or trying to lose body fat, fitness professionals recommend increasing your protein intake until 0.9 grams per pound of body weightthe spread of the intake evenly throughout the day.

For someone who weighs 160 pounds, that means consuming up to 144 grams of protein per day.

Protein satiatehe have Higher thermal effect of fats and carbohydrates (meaning the body uses more energy to digest it), Helps maintain muscle while a person loses fatAnd the Helps muscles recover of exercises.

If you don’t eat enough protein, you may lose muscle. They have weak skin, hair and nails. Feels more hungry and struggles to recover after exercise, Ludlam Ryan said.

She told us the four physical signs you may not be consuming enough.

muscle loss

Muscle mass naturally begins to decline after the age of 40 (otherwise known as sarcopenia), so getting enough protein as you age is especially important, Ludlam-Rain said.

This is why protein requirements are higher for older adults: Protein and aging researchers We recommend consuming 1.2 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (or higher) for older adults, which is the same as that for active adults.

“If you follow a particular dietary pattern such as a vegan diet and/or reduce your caloric intake to lose weight, there is an increased risk of losing muscle mass along with fat, which is why a source of protein is so important,” Ludlam Raine said.

Weak skin, hair and nails

If your hair and nails are weak and your skin loses its elasticity, it could be a sign that you are not eating enough protein.

“A lack of protein in the diet can cause hair and nails to become brittle and more susceptible to damage, as proteins (such as keratin) play an important role in the structure and function of the cells that make up the body’s organs and tissues,” Ludlam Ryan said.

Protein helps keep skin firm, too, according to Research.

increased appetite

If you’re hungry, it could be that you don’t eat enough in general, or that you don’t eat enough protein.

“Protein is the most satiating nutrient compared to carbohydrates and fats, so if you have a protein deficiency in your diet, you may find it more difficult to feel full after a meal,” Ludlam-Rain said.

Recovering from bad exercise

If you find that your body takes a long time to feel better again after a workout, it could also be a sign that your protein intake is too low.

“Protein is essential for growth and repair, so if you don’t get enough protein after a workout, especially after a strength training exercise, your muscle’s ability to grow and recover before your next workout will be reduced,” Ludlam-Rain said.

This can manifest as muscle aches and fatigue, which means you may have a hard time performing at your best in future workouts.

Protein isn’t just important after a workout – it’s best to eat some at regular intervals throughout the day, Suggest research.

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