Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 Sleep Training Camp – Defense

We’re a few days away from the start of the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers training camp. The team announced Tuesday with first practice on Wednesday afternoon, at 1:55. The focus is on all the big things. Quarterback battle, how the O line unfolds, what the junior future looks like, you get the idea.

But I’m all about camp sleepers. They often come out of nowhere and are hard to predict. Everyone knows that sleepers are not asleep. Here are a couple of Steelers on my radar this summer that a few people are talking about now but could turn into camp darlings by the end of next month. after, after Looking at the crime yesterday, We’ll check the defense today.

SS Donovan Steiner – With a more well-established defense, finding sleepers is a slightly trickier task. But Steiner is one of my favorites, the 2021 UDFA who spent the whole last year on the coaching staff. He’s really the only player not designed from a year ago who’s still with the team saying something about his staying power. With a game that reminds me of Miles Killebrew, he has good size and shooting power and has proven to be a reliable striker. It’s been a solid though not amazing summer last year, but he’s entered Year Two a year older, wiser, and he knows what the NFL is all about. I admit his way to a place on my 53-player roster is tough, but I define sleepers as players who have good camps, generate buzz, and at least make themselves difficult. Steiner will be that guy.

DT Carlos Davis – Davies has worn the suit before, but lost in dribbling due to last year’s injury that wiped out most of his season in 2021 and all new defensive linemen joined by Larry Ogongobe and Demarvin Lille. Davis promised the promise of his first two years with a quick first step and disruptive ability. Line D room in Pittsburgh is crowded, finding a place for Davis is difficult. But one injury could open the door, a third-year player with talent. He’ll re-enter the conversation next month.

CB Carlins Plattel – Platel was invited to the rookie minicamp on a trial basis but a contract was caught coming out of the rookie minicamp. Platel started at the small Assumption College before moving to South Carolina for the 2021 season. With a similar game to Arthur Maulet, Platel lacks great speed but shows blasting (4.65 40, 37.5 inches vertical, 10’2 wide jump versus 4.64 40, 36.5 inches vertical). , 10’3 in wide) which is a material aperture angle with an external experience in the Assumption. Like the defensive line room, slot corner action is jam-packed with Cam Sutton (likely), Trey Norwood, Mullet, and Damontay Kaze, so Plattel’s reps can be limited. But the talent is there to put on a few plays and show what got him into camp in the first place.

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