Al Gore compares climate deniers to Uvald police who ‘heard the shooting and no one stepped forward’

“Climate deniers are in some ways similar to all of these Nearly 400 law enforcement officers In Ovaldi, Texas, who were waiting outside an open door while the children were being slaughtered, “they heard the screaming, they heard the gunshots, and no one came forward.”

“And God bless those families who have suffered so much. Law enforcement officials tell us this is not typical of what law enforcement normally does. In the face of this global emergency, what we are doing by inaction and failing to walk the door and stop the killing is not typical of what we as human beings are capable of. We have the solutions. “.

“Public sentiment is changing, but our democracy is broken and in order to solve the climate crisis, we have to pay attention to the democracy crisis,” he said.

“I welcome[Biden’s]announcement this week to move the offshore wind industry in the United States,” the former vice president said, adding that Biden has taken other small steps to Reversing some of the damage to climate change efforts by Trump Administration. “But it needs action from Congress in order to take the really bold steps that are needed.”

In a separate interview on Sunday, Gore outlined more specific measures he believes the executive branch could take without waiting for Congress, saying the EPA could take more action, Biden could stop agreeing to more drilling in public lands, and he could nominate New boss. The World Bank.

On whether Biden should heed suggestions from climate activists urging him to declare a national climate emergency, Gore told ABC “This week”: “Well, Mother Nature has already declared it a global emergency and I’ll leave it to others to analyze the professionals and the downsides of what might lead to a declaration of emergency.

He also said Sunday that he would like to see more politicians make climate change central to their campaign platforms.

“Thank you for making that proposal,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said when asked if he was considering running for president on the climate agenda. “But, you know, I’m a recovering politician and the longer I go without a relapse, the less likely I am to have a relapse.”

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