Heat notes: Adebayo, Yurtseven, Jovic, Durant

althoug the heat Can still be in the market to trade for Nets All-Star forward Kevin Durant Or a Jazz All-Star goalkeeper Donovan Mitchellthe team can eventually consider adding a strong veteran like John CollinsAnd the Miles Turneror Harrison Barnes In their front area instead, he writes Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Ranger.

Winderman writes that the front office in Miami has held talks about possibly including the young All-Defensive Center Pam Adebayo In a bargain for Kevin Durant, though, not everyone in the Heat box’s mind is on board with the 25-year-old’s huge dump of the injury-prone 33-year-old veteran. Winderman adds that the team can trade up to three first-round future picks at the moment, but could theoretically get more to include in a deal if they choose to trade other young players like Tyler HeroAnd the Max StraussAnd the Omar YurtsevenAnd the Gabe Vincentor Nikola Jovic In separate deals with other clubs for additional draft picks.

There are more South Beach:

  • The Heat may delay pivoting to trade with a non-All-Star player until he has exhausted his potential to add Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell, writes Anthony Chiang from The Miami Herald. Bear Chiang, Miami will likely want to keep its coffers open should another superstar become available via trade.
  • After summer training commitments with their national teams, Hit the Big Men Omar Yurtseven And the Nikola Jovic You’ll have to jump straight into a training camp with Miami, with maybe less than two weeks in between, each Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Ranger.
  • in separate pieceWinderman wonders if the Heat are hurting themselves as they wait for Kevin Durant’s potential deal. With league activities essentially suspended until Durant is transferred, Miami finds itself at a crossroads. The team currently lacks real rotational power in the NBA after leaving PJ Tucker Going into free agency and yet not choosing to re-sign Markive Morris.

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