‘Fantastic Four’ Begins Sixth Phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe – Deadline

those marvel Fans who have personally missed Comic-Con for the past three years spoiled it for Saturday.

Not only did Kevin Feige do tubthump stage 4 of the MCU, identifying its stage 5, During Hall H’s big show in the studio, but he’s gone so far to reveal that Phase 6 will start with a reboot The Fantastic Four On November 8, 2024.

Comic-Con 2022: Complete Coverage of the Deadline

Feige teases that a The Fantastic Four It was in development at the end of Marvel’s Comic-Con 2019 session, after Disney had just absorbed that part of the Marvel universe with its acquisition of 20th Century Fox and the comic book assets they own.

Restart The Fantastic Four It is a dear movie for MCU fans. The first two films, in 2005 and 2007, which starred Chris Evans as Jonny Storm, were geared toward families; sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, It was actually rated PG. Fox attempted a 2015 reboot with Josh Trank directed, but production went sideways as did the box office, grossing $56 million domestically, and $168 million worldwide from a $127 million production cost.

While Phase 6 still has plenty of dates to fill into 2025, Feige said it will end with two more dates. Avengers Movies: Avengers: Kang Dynasty On May 2 of that year, only six months later Avengers: Secret Wars On November 7.

When asked about the deadline on the red carpet, Feige did not provide further details on the substantive differences between Stage 4, 5 and 6. “It’s still early days,” he said.

Marvel returns to Hall H, revealing Stage 5; Phase 6 includes two new “Avengers” images; “Blade” and Sam Wilson “Captain America” ​​Date Set

No more details as the filmmakers or stars of the Phase 6 films have been revealed.

Despite the good news about him the amazing four, The image is currently unedited. Deadline Notify you first Which John Watts backed off to take a break after all Spider Man Movies.

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