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Apex Legends new season and character leaked

Season 13 of Apex Legends is set to end soon, and it looks like Respawn has accidentally leaked what’s in store for next season. For a brief moment last night, the game’s news tab featured a promotion for a new legend, Favor, who announced new stories from The Outlands, while also apparently revealing a Vantage release date of August 9. The promo also revealed the name of Season 14: Hunted, which is set to begin on the same day.

The promotion was removed very quickly after players noticed it, and at the time of writing, it is no longer viewable in-game. However, as is often the case with leaks, players were quick to take screenshots of it and share them online.

It’s worth noting that Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed this information, but given that it’s a leak from within the game itself, it seems safe to assume we’ll see announcements for both Vantage and Season 14 pretty soon. In fact, eagle-eyed fans on Reddit only noticed yesterday that new, unpublished stories from Outlands were uploaded to the Apex Legends YouTube channel, presumably the “Survive” channel mentioned in the now-hidden Vantage promo.

Al Fadl is a character that the Apex community has known about for quite some time. Its existence was initially leaked earlier this year in March, and over the past week, Respawn teased its upcoming listing on Post entries from her diary on Twitter.

Before the launch of the new season, Apex Legend concludes its current season with a Gaiden event, which Features a variety of anime-inspired skins Taken after notable series such as piece And the Naruto. In the mobile world, Apex Legends Mobile has received a new mobile exclusive legend, fascinationin advance this month.

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