Martha Stewart revealed that six of her peacocks were killed by coyotes.

Martha Stewart reveals 6 of her ‘adorable’ pet peacocks died in a wolf attack

Martha Stewart Six of her pet peacocks mourn after a wolf attack.

Kotb Al-Hayat, 80, revealed on Instagram on Saturday that her birds died “in broad daylight”.

Stewart shared a video of a peacock, Blue Boy, showing off his feathers with Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in the background. She later explained, “I have no idea how Marvin Gaye’s music got into this sad post, but when Blue Boy was alive, it was totally fitting.”

“Coyotes came in broad daylight and ate him and five others, including the adorable white boy,” live businesswoman Martha Stewart wrote in the tribute. “Any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes that have extravagant tastes when it comes to poultry?”

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She also revealed that she had made some changes to their living arrangement in hopes of avoiding wolf attacks in the future. “We no longer let birds out of their yard, we cordon off the top of their big yard with wire fencing and so on,” Stewart said.

It’s unclear how many Peacocks Stewart owns yet, but in May 2021, she tweeted that she owns “21 of these glorious birds whose home is flawless. “

The business mogul added, “They don’t smell. They’re so clean! Their voices are loud but it’s fun to hear. They’re very friendly.”

In a blog post on June 30, Stewart also shared that she shared Three newborn peacocks In her stable dining room and “more little ones in an outside barn”.

Martha Stewart revealed that six of her peacocks were killed by coyotes.

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She explained that “the young chicks need constant monitoring until they are at least four or five weeks old.”

Speaking of birds as a whole, Stewart wrote, “Peacocks and peacocks are very intelligent, docile and adaptable birds. They are also very intelligent and very curious.”

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Peacock Stuart’s death comes just months later Her cat, Princess Peony, was killed in an encounter with one of her dogs.

Along with a photo of the cat’s burial, Stewart wrote: “The burial of the beautiful and extraordinary princess.” “The four dogs mistook her for an intruder and killed her helpless little self. I will miss her dearly.”

Princess Peony was one of two Persian calico cats owned by Stuart, the other being Empress Tang, according to Stewart. Official Website.

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