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It is said that Apple Watch ‘Pro’ will offer the first series redesign since 2018

Details about the upcoming high-end version of the Apple Watch Series 8 have surfaced in recent weeks. According to a report BloombergMark Gorman posted at the beginning of the month, the wearable device will appear Apple has shipped a smartwatch ever. As a result, it may also include a new design.

in the end Gorman says the Apple Watch “Pro” will incorporate a new design. The company hasn’t redesigned its wearable line since it introduced In 2018. Gorman notes that the new model will be “a little bit bigger” than Apple’s current model to accommodate a seven percent larger screen. “It also won’t have those rumored flat sides,” he adds, noting that the redesign would mark “an evolution of the existing rectangular shape.”

In addition, Apple will use a “more durable titanium formulation” for the casing that should make the smartwatch more suitable for extreme sports. With a larger battery and a long-rumored “low power mode” from Apple, Gorman says the Apple Watch Pro can last several days on a single charge. It will also include Apple is preparing for the entire Series 8 line.

The high-end Apple Watch is one of the many products Apple is developing in the fall and beyond. Gorman previously said the company plans to release a “flood” of devices over the next year. Among the most notable items that a company has is on its way to including a file .

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