Field maize growing near Route Z is beginning to show signs of stress due to lack of rain.  Governor Mike Parson declared a drought alert in 53 Missouri counties.  His administration plans to provide resources to farmers during drought.

Heat wave causes drought conditions in 53 Missouri counties

Farmers and ranchers, like the rest of us, are feeling the heat.

Most of Missouri is at increased risk of severe drought due to dry conditions.

On Thursday, Governor Mike Parson signed an executive order He put all or part of his counties, including Boone County, on “extreme or severe drought” alert, allowing the state government to speed up resources and operate amid extreme temperatures.

Rosie Arjanian, of Rocheport, was at Bourn Feed & Supply Friday, buying horse feed, horse labs and animal repellent. The Erganian owns 14 horses in Equestrian activities with the help of Sunny OakTherapeutic riding process.

Irjanian, who owns 35 acres of pasture on her ranch in western Colombia, said the heat is extreme for her horses.

“It affects how my horses work,” she said. “It’s hard for horses.”

She doesn’t try to run it at that level of heat, and instead puts it in front of a fan.

“It is especially difficult for the elderly,” Arjanian said, adding that most of them are elderly.

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Rosy Erganian, of Rocheport, buys gifts for her horses at Sunny Oak Farm Equine Assisted activities, 12551 W. Rocheport Gravel Road, Friday at Bourn Feed & Supply Inc.  , 4011 Interstate 70 Drive SE.  Arjanian said the heat wave was hard on her operation.

As for the governor’s order, she said she’s not sure how it might help her, but it will likely help many farmers in affected areas across the Show-Me state.

The executive order directs four government departments — natural resources, agriculture, conservation, and transportation — to work together and with federal agencies to make resources available to farmers, ranchers, and others affected by drought.

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