New system produces jet fuel from water, carbon dioxide and sunlight

This could be huge.

light work

Scientists in Switzerland say they have discovered how to make jet fuel from water, carbon dioxide and sunlight.

new search Published in the magazine joules This week he explains how the team built a solar tower to handle the whole process. The tower uses solar energy to produce synthetic alternative fuels instead of those derived from fossil fuels. The kerosene made by the solar tower is supposed to be ready for normal use in flight, including storage and flight – something that High carbon footprint of air travelis a very interesting offer.

“With our solar technology, we’ve shown that we can produce synthetic kerosene from water and carbon dioxide rather than deriving it from fossil fuels,” said co-author Aldo Steinfeld. In a press release. “The amount of carbon dioxide released during the combustion of kerosene in a jet engine is equal to the amount consumed during its production in the solar power plant. This makes the fuel carbon neutral, especially if we use carbon dioxide captured directly from the air as a component, and hopefully in a not-too-distant future” .

Better and faster

Finding better ways to produce energy across the board has never been so important.

There are still many in the United States Feeling the pressure of gas pricesand countries all over the world Struggling to meet the demands of power While seeking energy independence from Russia. While some Electricity networks in the United States Fail directly, like states California is working hard To provide renewable energy that does not make climate change worse.

jet fuel It is closely related to climate change Like power grids, the rising tide lifts all boats. Here we hope the energy experts will continue to work until the job is done.

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