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Rename the “Camera Go” app to “Camera from Google”

behind in May, we noticed that Google dropped the word “Go” in “Gallery Go”. Meanwhile, “Camera Go” has quietly become “Camera from Google” as the company continues to remove that old brand.

In mid-May, Google released Version 3.3.1 (from 2.12) is a lightweight camera app for low-power Android phones. The user interface is lighter, while the counter indicates the number of photos that can be taken with the remaining storage space.

This update also renamed the app from ‘Camera Go’ to ‘Camera’ only with a new almost identical icon (different color palette) to the logo on Pixel phones. The Play Store List It has been specifically renamed to “Camera by Google”. It’s a handful, presumably a result”google camera“It is being taken.

The Google Camera app helps you take beautiful photos quickly.

• Use Portrait mode to give your photos a professional look by focusing on your subject, as the background appears gently blurred.
• Capture memories any time of the day without flash, keeping colors rich and details crisp with Night Mode (available on select devices).
• With smart storage features and early warning notifications, the camera ensures you never miss a moment by helping you free up space for your photos when you need them.
• With the Google Lens built into the camera app, you can see the world in your language by pointing the viewfinder at the foreign text.

Using the camera and gallery, I dropped the “Go” brand and YouTube Go After next month’s close, it’s clear that a shift is underway. Android 12 (Go edition) – which is the official name – was announced in December with meaningful improvements. The next release should be announced by the end of the year if Google remains committed to the platform.

At this point, it’s not clear if the company is just updating the brand or taking a new approach to reach the next billion users. there is the Next JioPhone “Created with Google” Running Android / Pragati OS. A case for very affordable hardware can certainly be created to cater to different market needs and a lightweight operating system complements it.

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