Pico 4 & Pico 4 Pro Spotted in FCC Freezers

The documents in the FCC file provide a glimpse of a standalone Pico 4 virtual reality headset as well as the Pico 4 Pro with added face and eye tracking.

first spotted Yanko Ruetgers from the protocolthe documents provide what may be our first look back at Pico Neo 3 link we reviewed recently “As a decent replacement for Quest 2.” Beko owned By the same parent company as TikTok – ByteDance – and when the company revealed that it would be testing the consumer version of the Neo 3 Link in Western countries starting with Europe, He hinted that he might be his successor In less than a year. pico collected a file Lots of high quality games For the Android-based standalone VR platform while It looks like it’s investing in more.

While we haven’t been able to discern much yet of documents We have this interesting look right on the lenses as well as an inline chart below the component locations. The device comes from the Goertek factory, runs Android Q, and the documentation says “there is Two versions of the EUT A8110 model, one “Pico 4 Pro” and one “Pico 4”, both are identical except for an additional eye-tracking and face-tracking function for the “Pico 4 Pro”.

We know the future Quest ProCurrently called Project Cambria by Meta, it will feature a more balanced design, realistic color-mixed crossing views with pie lenses as well as built-in face and eye tracking to drive avatars in social experiences. Meta plans to ship the device this year at a high price that has yet to be announced after warning that it will be much higher 800 dollars.

We’ll be curious, then, about how the upcoming Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro stack up against the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. We’ll continue to look into these recent docs for other insights, but please let us know via tips@uploadvr.com if you notice anything interesting that we’ve missed.

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