Yankees lose, 6-3, as Orioles get big hits and Yankees miss chances

It’s been noted at other points this season, but these Orioles aren’t the Orioles of last year, or 2020. Since the Adley Rutchsman called, they’re 30-22, now actually 31-22, with a better showing team than you expect, top to bottom. This staff exhausted multiple registration opportunities for Yankeeswho couldn’t buy the big hit, took Baltimore out front tonight, 6-3.

The Yankees came down and ran early, with Aaron Judge leading DJ LeMahieu on court seven of the game, a strong guard down the third base line that Judge turned into an RBI double. Gerrit Cole had a lead even before he took the ball, and that lead grew in the second half, thanks to who else but the greatest baseball player of all time:

We talk a lot about how to put together a package for Juan Soto and how that could disrupt the farm system, but we need to talk a lot about how a trade for Soto disrupts Matt Carpenter’s playtime. The judge added another run on a hard hit to the center, and boy did the baseball gods not care about the blobs, because they’d make the Yankees pay, and then some, for BABIP’s luck.

We’ll get to that payoff in a minute, but Cole wasn’t in great shape tonight. He outplayed just about every hitter, but struggled to put players off afterwards – not the kind of problem he usually has, as we’d expect a homer or two on an early court in the area. The Orioles manage to walk two times and three by two – while playing Cole’s world stuff more than most.

In fairness though, while things were there, the feeling wasn’t:

Cole slider was a problem today. There’s this little pool at the bottom and far to the right, but there were plenty of easy shots and a lot left in the middle of the board, and in turn, he gave up four hits at night (two of which are my doubles). This happens, as guys sometimes just don’t feel their stuff, but when the pitch Cole depends on as much as his slider, he can get really ugly in a hurry.

However, Cole headed 3-2 in the seventh inning, and he really looked like he wanted the ball. Hitting the ball, Aaron Boone allowed Cole to start the seventh inning, with a brace from Ramon Urillas to lead the first half. Jorge Matteo’s single—the O’s’ second RBI single, tied the Yankees in this column with one difference—the match, ending Cole’s night.

Enter Albert Abreu, who hit the ball straight away on a quick try, allowing Mathieu to advance to third, where he came on the fly for Cedric Mullins, and the O was finally in front, where they would stay. Orias added a two-round shot to Shane Green in eighth, a rude welcome to Green’s return to the Yankee uniform. They were the runs that New York could never produce…

Those runs loomed in the nines, with LeMahieu and Judge arriving to lead the half. Anthony Rizzo, Glebber Torres, and Josh Donaldson couldn’t make it any better, despite catching Gleiber’s duck snort – further revenge on the baseball god – and Donaldson is looking to finish the game.

The rubber game comes tomorrow, which isn’t a must, but after Thursday’s double game and missing a lot of throw depth, a big win would be a very good thing on Monday. After his All-Star appearance, Nestor Cortes will be looking to grab that win, with his first show at 1:35 p.m. ET.

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