Madison Baumgarner calls Victor Robles ‘clown’ for liking Homer, Nationals player responds with a nose stent

Diamondbacks Madison Baumgarner and Citizens Defender Victor Robles exchanged verbal criticism after Arizona’s 7-2 win over Washington (Result square) Saturday evening. Bumgarner, as per usual, took exception to Robles’ admiration for his home race which he fired in the eighth inning with D-Backs up 7-1.

This is the main race involved:

“He’s a clown. Jolly,” Baumgarner told reporters. Including Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post. “No shame. Like, 7-1, you hit your third flair of the year and you’re acting like a record-breaking Barry Bonds. Clean it up. I don’t care about giving up the race. Hell, we won 7. 2, 8-2, whatever it is. It’s It’s frustrating. I’m the grumpy old man, I know, but that kind of thing – it never happened before. It’s ridiculous.”

It should be noted that Bumgarner had a good start against the Citizens. He threw eight innings, which allowed two rounds to be made with four strokes and did not walk. He hit nine hits and lowered his seasonal ERA to 3.71. 109 will be his current ERA + his best mark since 2018, his penultimate season with San Francisco Giants.

Through a translator, Robles replied, per Dougherty: “He seems to call everyone the clown who’s already got a big hit or is at home against him.” “If he doesn’t want anyone to attack at home or have any problems with that, just hit people or bring the best pitches to where you don’t have to worry about that.”

Robles gave another response Sunday, albeit in the form of a clown nose prop:

Robles also had a good night, scoring two strokes, including the aforementioned race. In season, he now hits .236/.301/.322 (82 OPS+) with three home runs and 11 stolen bases (in 11 attempts). The above 82 OPS+ marks his highest mark since 2019, when he placed sixth in the voting for the National League Rookie of the Year Award.

Baumgarner, of course, He has a history of sparring with hitters he feels disrespected Or, by extension, the game. In the past, he has been involved with Jassel Puig, Will Myers, Max Muncie and others.

The Diamondbacks and Nationals will wrap up their season series on Sunday.

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