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Red Hot Chili Peppers reveal their surprise album The Canteen of Dreams Returns

The hot red pepper Today (July 24) fans surprised by announcing the details of a new studio album.

Album produced again by Rick RobinIt’s called “The Return of Canteen of Dreams” and arrives October 14th via Warner Records. You can pre-order the album over here.

Earlier this year, the band Tell NME They had “loose plan” to release another new album in the near future, just months after their last album, “Unlimited love“We’ll be putting out the music by the handful — literally,” said singer Anthony Kiedis. “Don’t be surprised if another bandwagon of songs pops up your way in the near future. We have a lot of nonsense to turn people into.”

Speaking of the new album, the band said in a statement, “We searched for ourselves as the band we’ve always been somehow. Just for fun, we jammed and learned some old songs. It wasn’t long until we started the mysterious process of building new songs. A little bit of intervention. In chemistry he has befriended us hundreds of times along the way.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album – Credit: Press

“Once we found that gushing stream of sound and vision, we kept digging. As time turned into an elastic waistband of bulky underwear, we had no reason to stop typing and shaking. It felt like a dream. When it was all said and done, our moody love bestowed on each other. And the magic of music has more songs than we knew what to do with it.Well, we’ve figured it out.

“Two consecutive double albums were released. The second has as much meaning as the first or should be reversed. The Return of Dream Canteen is everything we ever dreamed of. It’s packed.”

The band announced the news when they began their North American tour in Denver at Empower Field.

They began their stadium tour at Estadio La Cartuja in Seville in June. Five new songs from “Unlimited Love” were played during the 18-song set – “Aquatic Mouth Dance”, “Here Ever After”, “This Are The Ways”, “Whatchu Thinkin” and the song “Black Summer”. The band began the show in 2003 with the hit song Can’t Stop, and performed several songs throughout the night, including Scar Tissue, California and Give It Away.

The show ended with two pop songs, 1992’s Under The Bridge and 2002’s By The Way.

Offer reviewAnd the NME He said, “Anthony Kiedis II stands on stage and takes off on resounding ‘Can’t Stop’, the urgent and excited Chili Peppers. What follows is a hilarious 100-minute set that sees the band showcase their impressive legacy but also highlight why they are a rock band. Bold “.

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