Heavy rain in upstate New York

‘Sheer chaos’ of storm system could lead to power outages, flooding in upstate New York

Syracuse, NY – Upstate New York is at the epicenter of a powerful storm system that can bring devastating winds, power outages and torrential rain tonight through Monday.

National Weather Service He said A single wave of a storm can generate “absolute chaos” of thunderstorms.

There is a 30% chance today and night of severe storms from western New York through the lower Adirondacks. Severe storms carry winds of at least 59 mph and/or 1 inch of hail. In addition to winds strong enough to destroy trees and cause power outages, storms can drop several inches of rain.

The northern region has a 5% chance of seeing isolated tornadoes as well, He said Weather Service Storm Forecasting Center.

As storm systems slowly pass, prolonged downpours are likely. The weather service said it was ready to release a flood watch later today as the storm picture becomes clearer, although the lack of rain so far this month will reduce flood risks.

The National Grid said it is increasing staffing and expanding shifts in western and central New York in preparation for possible power outages.

Conditions are ripe for thunderstorms, with temperatures expected in the 90s for the sixth day in a row amid high humidity. Heat warning in effect Today where the temperature can reach the low 90s and the heat index can approach 100 degrees.

A series of storm energy waves are expected to pass through the northern part today, one from Ontario and the other, from western Michigan, that will lead to the strongest storms. These waves will begin to hit upstate New York in the early afternoon and will intensify both tonight and overnight.

One National Weather Model shows that 3 to 5 inches of precipitation could fall in counties along the New York State Thruway, but local weather service meteorologists expect much less than that. Meteorologists at Binghamton’s office, which covers central New York and the Finger Lakes, expect more in the 1.5 to 2.5 inches range for most of the region. However, in areas that are frequently hit by clusters of thunderstorms, more rain can fall.

One to two inches of rain is likely today through Monday in much of upstate New York. You could see more isolated areas where thunderstorms strike frequently.

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