Josh Hawley speaking in Tampa on Friday.

Josh Hawley, the senator who fled the Capitol, mocked Al Watan | January 6 sessions

Josh Hawley, the Missouri senator who was shown running from the mob he incited on January 6, is a “joke” who should fear what the Capitol Attack Committee, a leading newspaper in his home, might reveal next. condition He said.

Hawley was widely criticized for lifting the fist of protesters outside Congress on January 6, 2021, and then after the crowd dispatched by Donald Trump failed to stop certifying Joe Biden’s election victory, they voted to veto the results anyway.

The senator is casting this vote, as American voters now know, having run when rioters stormed Congress.

In an editorial, Notice the Kansas City Star Hawley will soon publish a book called Masculinity: The masculine virtues America needsBut he said people watching the session “didn’t see much manly bravado running off the mob”.

The star began: “Josh Hawley is a joke. During Thursday night televised hearings of the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 coup attempt… [Democratic] Representative Eileen Luria showed a video of the young Missouri senator that will surely follow him for the rest of his life.

“In the clip, Hawley runs through a corridor where he and his fellow senators are being evacuated after insurgents breached the Capitol. When it was shown on screen, the audience in the room erupted with the committee laughing.”

on twitter, Users split the video to songs including Born to Run, Running Up That Hill, and the Benny Hill theme. Charlie Sykes, a conservative Trump critic, wrote: “Playing Josh Hawley is a meme of all time.”

But the star also noted, “Hawley became one of the iconic characters of the day. A famous photo taken by Francis Chung shows him raising his fist in solidarity with the crowds who will soon break down doors, loot offices and assault law enforcement.”

The senator showed no sign of backing down. Speaking at a conservative conference in Florida on Friday, apparently without sarcasm, He said: “I just want to say to all those liberals out there and the liberal media, just in case you don’t understand the message yet, I don’t regret it.” [voting to object to electoral results].

“And I won’t back down. I won’t apologize. I won’t shiver. I won’t run away from you. I won’t bend the knee.”

He also has Use the image to raise fundsamong other things selling mugs said to be “the perfect way to enjoy coffee, tea or liberal tears!”

Politico, who owns the photo, has asked Hawley to stop using it. to reject. On Friday morning, he tweeted a link to a site that sells the mug.

In February, Hawley Huffington Post said: “It’s not a pro-riot cup. I wasn’t a hooligan fan… While we were out, people were gathering peacefully to protest, and they have the right to do so. They don’t have the right to assault policemen.”

As the star noted, however, at Thursday’s hearing, “Luria quoted a Capitol police officer who was there and told the committee that Hawley’s gesture “irritated the crowd, and it annoyed her greatly because he was doing so in a safe place protected by officers and barricades.”

Josh Hawley speaking in Tampa on Friday. Photo: Phelan M Ebenhack / AP

Hawley was the first senator to say he would object on January 6, when another 146 people joined him Republicans. “He came down to earth as the first voice to call for the exclusion of millions of American votes that were fairly and lawfully cast for the legitimate winner of the presidential election,” Hawley said.

He continued, “Funny that the scene of the manly self-proclaimed senator’s immediate withdrawal was, ‘Nothing at all amusing’ on January 6, 2021. A bipartisan Senate report concluded that seven people were killed as a result of the attack. Shortly after, two more Metropolitan Police officers were killed .

“About 150 law enforcement personnel were injured, and it is impossible to know how many others who were involved in the horrific accident will carry scars for life, body and mind. We said that day he had blood on his hands for his role in perpetuating the lies that drove thousands of people to violence. This does not It’s still true.”

The editorial signed with a warning. Referring to the work of Liz Cheney, Republican Representative of Wyoming, though vice chair of the January 6 committee, she said, “Josh Hawley might fear little mockery of his hasty flight from the Capitol.

“But he might be justified if he were afraid of the emails or text messages that some formerly loyal staff might consider handing over to the House Committee.

“Stay tuned for the sessions.”

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