Climate scientists said conditions in Oklahoma between mid-June and mid-July 2022 were the driest in the time period in 100 years.  Record temperatures this summer have exacerbated drought conditions for farmers already struggling to grow crops.

The West is in a water crisis. I suggest we call Bill Gates

The West may be dry and need help with the water, but Oklahoma and possibly other states in the Southern Midwest are experiencing a drought this year too!

I’ve read some letters regarding this, and the only letters that make sense are those of the barge owner and the engineer. But while the engineer’s idea is to pull out of California’s reservoirs, our farmers here in rural Oklahoma are wondering how they’ll get water for their crops and livestock. This system that he thought should go south to the side of the west, and it really had to be done!

We are about 100 years away from the last Dust Bowl. With current technology and the US Army Corps of Engineers, this can be done very quickly. As for the funding to make this happen, I recommend talking to respected farmer, Bill Gates.

Ali Ducharme, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The pipelines for the waters of the Midwest will pit one region against another

Midwest waters should be kept in the Midwest.

Let’s not create a potential second water crisis region in the Midwest over time that does not have the luxury of the oceans to draw water from. Once this faucet is turned on, it probably will not be possible to turn it off no matter what negative impact it will eventually have on the Midwest.

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