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Video: Portland police shoot a man they say was a gunman in the Centennial neighborhood

A Portland police officer shot and killed a man in the Centennial neighborhood of southeast Portland shortly after midnight Sunday.

Police said the incident occurred as Eastern District officers tried to arrest the man who had been physically arguing with a woman near Southeast 148th Street and Clinton Streets.

Police said the man fired a shot, and an officer fired back. The man died at the scene. Police did not say how many times the officer fired.

Christopher Ponte said he was outside photographing police with a friend when they encountered the shooting. Ponte said, who calls himself with a few other people Oregon Cupwatch News.

Ponte said that two Portland officers, a man and a woman, were on the sidewalk talking to a man, who then appeared to be trying to hold him and handcuff him as the man struggled and resisted.

“He resisted, he resisted, and he pulled out a gun,” Ponte said of the man whose hands the police were trying to handcuff. “The man pulled out his gun, and the policeman put his hand either on the gun or on the man’s wrist.”

He said he believed the man facing the two officers fired a single shot from a pistol.

After the shooting, the officer continued to quarrel with the suspect. Ponte said that at one point, the officer grabbed the man’s gun, put it in one hand and was struggling with the man with his other hand.

Ponte said that while the man and officer continued to wrestle, the officer fired six shots at the man who was struggling with her partner, killing him.

One of the neighbors, Cathy McCaugh, said she was woken up around midnight to the sound of two bangs, followed by what she thought were four or five more.

“I think I just fell asleep,” McCog said. I heard ‘bang! lively! …I thought it was fireworks. I went by the front door and a policeman said it wasn’t safe.”

McCog retreated inland, but not before she saw dozens of officers heading toward the pedestrian crossing area on 148th Avenue and Clinton Street, near her home. She said the police left about seven hours later.

McCog said she has a camera placed in front of her house. McCog said that although he wasn’t targeting the exact location of the shooting, police plan to return to collect the audio. The neighbor, who does not want to comment, also has a camera that shows in the direction of the crosswalk.

Portland police shot and killed a man Sunday just after midnight near the crosswalk on southeast 148th Street and Clinton Streets.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell responded to the scene. “I am happy that our officers are doing well, and this highlights how dangerous this job is,” he said, according to a police press release.

Anyone with information about this incident who has not already spoken to the police can contact Detective Stephen Gandy at or Detective Anthony Merrill at, case reference number 22-197823.

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