UpRising Bakery and Cafe reopens after Lake in the Hills police say a man arrested for vandalism is being held on $10,000 bail

Lake in the Hills, Illinois (WLS) – After weeks of backlash online and in person, a Northwest Suburbs tow show that was scheduled for Saturday night has suddenly been canceled.

Not because of the backlash, but because someone smashed the company’s windows and left printed packages on her bakery overnight, according to the owner.

“People call them nanny,” said Jackie Love, one of the actors. “People were calling us pedophiles.” “Obviously there was damage done last night, but this has been something that has been going on for the past month.”

The company said on Facebook that the bakery was closed for a while, but reopened on Sunday with limited services and staff.

“Hate has no home here. Love and light live here. We live here. This is our home. This is our town. This is our town. This is our fight. We don’t turn our backs or back down now,” the post said in part.

Video provided by the owner to ABC7, showing the damage he left behind.

Police said a man was arrested.

Authorities said an Algonquin police officer saw the suspect flee on foot. Collins, 24 from Seeb, was arrested around 12:05 a.m.

“We are appalled by this senseless hate crime,” village chief Ray Bogdanovsky said in a statement. “The fact that the suspect came to our village from a town 60 miles away is alarming.”

“It’s a disgrace, you know? People should have freedom. That should never have happened,” said Donald Krebs, a resident of the hills.

The bakery has been experiencing a wave of backlash online and in person against the company that hosts it.

“I wanted to make this a drag show for all ages,” Love said. “I just wanted to put on a show, have a good time, embrace the community and now we’re unable to do that.”

Since the all-age raffle was announced, Corinna Sack, owner of UpRising Bakery and Cafe, said she has received numerous threats.

“One morning I came in and there was a bag of poo outside. There was a message taped to the door saying pedophiles work here,” Sack said, recounting only some of the unpleasant incidents of the past few weeks.

Recounting another incident, she said, “Someone walked in and walked around the cafe and commented on how disgusting and filthy it was, and then spat on our case.”

The baker and mother of two was shocked by the hostility towards her and her business after she posted about a raffle show event she had planned to host there this weekend.

“To have a really fun time, like a drag show, and then make it more family friendly to get everyone and anyone involved,” she said.

Now, The Lake in the Hills Police has been involved in investigating the threats and working closely with Sac amid potential protests from anti-LGBTQ+ groups this weekend.

“The department will take a zero-tolerance approach to those individuals who choose to attend with plans to engage in violent or criminal activity,” the police said.

Lake in the Hills Police spent all day Saturday securing the bakery with barricades erected, surrounding the visible signs of this overnight crime.

“It’s really tragic! I hope they can definitely come back from this. I hope that one day this community will be safer than this,” said Will Driscoll, a supporter of the drag program.

“If this is the hill we die on, I will die loud and proud because we have always fought and said equality to all,” Sack said.

“I have to defend harder! I don’t want those bullies to win. I mean, we’re just doing a drag show,” Love said.

When Sack was still planning to continue the show, Sack said any accusation of targeting children was completely false.

“We weren’t targeting children,” she said. “We were opening it up to families who felt it was a good fit for their children.”

While she says she has lost clients, Sack gains new ones, such as Carol White.

“I have a grandson who just came out as trans. He’s 18, and I support him and I support this business. We’ll be regulars at this restaurant,” White said.

“It just felt so good in my soul, like standing up to all things online and not letting it frustrate us,” Sack said.

Sack was in regular contact with Lake in the Hills Police. They’ve also added new cameras at the front and back of the property after personal harassment. They also said that officers patrol the property once an hour.

The company is not deterred and plans to re-offer the draw again.

Love said the next drag show will be planned here on August 7, with more security, one of the artists said.

As for Collins, he is being held under a $10,000 bond and faces charges of hate crime and criminal property damage. Police said he remains in custody.

The video in the player above is from a previous report.

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