Eagles mailbag: Smash the linebackers who go to training camp

We answered The first set of questions To kick off the weekend, but there’s plenty to go.

Let’s not waste time:

Well, let’s go ahead and give Hasson Riddick one of those spots. Although he is really a quick passer and not a full-back, he will be included in the starting line-back. But now let’s get to the heart of the matter. Because the two full-backs outside the ball are more difficult to spot.

For now, here’s my best guess on week one appetizers:

Mike: TJ Edwards

Will: Nakubi Dean

That would leave free shipping agent Keizer White and former third-round player Davon Taylor on the bench. But I’m expecting a bit of a spin in the quarterback position. Much of this hinges on the dean’s health and willingness. I’m very optimistic about picking the Eagles in the third round and I think they have the potential to steal the recruiting.

Because of my faith in Dean, he will allow the Eagles to mix and match the midfielders. Mainly on runs, the Eagles can use Edwards in the middle and Dean on the weak side. But on the more obvious passing, Dean could take the role of quarterback and then Jonathan Gannon could use Wyatt or Taylor as the will.

Now, I understand that this is a lot to put on the novice board. In this scenario, we’d ask Dean to play the most shots for all of our midfielders, play multiple positions and wear the green dot on his helmet. Maybe that’s a little ambitious. For this reason, Gannon may allow him to grow into this role. But I have a hunch Dean will be ready for that soon.

The nice thing here is that the Eagles finally have a good group of midfielders.

Taylor definitely seems to be the forgotten guy in this group. Edwards played well last year and then the Eagles added White and Dean this off season. It was a shame that Taylor was injured last season and was unable to come back. Because he could really use all the reps he lost. When the Eagles drafted him in the third round in 2020, they knew he was tough. Having barely played as a starter, he was expected to be a starter in the second half of the 2021 season before getting injured.

Taylor will be on the roster in 2022, and while his role will likely be reduced from what it was before his injury last year, it’s a product of depth at the center, not the Eagles’ feelings for him. And although I penciled in white as the will when passing the questions above, Taylor should have had a chance to beat the shots. Because Taylor is a super athlete and packs a punch for a man known for his athletic performance. I’m still fascinated by it.

The Eagles really love Terry Jackson. It wasn’t the reason to swap Zach Ertz, but one of the byproducts was a chance to see Jackson play more of his tight end when he came back from a broken back in training camp. But unfortunately, Jackson tore up the AFC Champions League in Week 18. So he will start a training camp on the PUP roster and there is a good chance that the season will start at the PUP as well. This will give the vultures some time to figure out what to do with it. Much of that will depend on Jack Stoll and Grant Calcaterra playing in front of him.

Sure, having a talented offensive line makes running appearances look even better. But I’m not sure the Eagles were satisfied. They used a second-round pick over Miles Sanders in 2019 and a fifth over Kenny Jenwell last year. If you think they feel good by not dumping more important assets into the position, I’d argue that’s just smart. If you have a team making a decision about allocating resources to their OL or their regional offices, they should always lean toward OL.

Do you mean there isn’t a group of 6-8, 380lb guys hanging around? How about this: Get Dwayne Johnson to play Mailata and then just hire two smaller actors to play literally every other character in the movie. Because The Rock might not be as big as Mailata, but it would look that big if Kevin Hart signed up to play Jalen Hurts.

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